How can Garmin GPS be reset?

Garmin Products have a vast global audience and are growing in popularity thanks to their apps and services. So if you stop responding, you can contact our representatives and get Garmin Map Updates for free in a hassle-free way.

When you think your Garmin Map suddenly stops running, then start resetting and testing the device back. So we have taken steps to update the Garmin Map so that we can click and read the directions below carefully. Most users do not reboot the system, so we addressed the simple and easy steps and therefore followed the steps listed below.

Whenever a user faces problems or the device stops responding, the only way to solve the challenge is to reset the Garmin Map. Perhaps you follow the steps here to solve system problems. Try to Updating your garmin gps for free to avoid any issue.

Garmin may be the target of a hardware or software malfunction, like other devices. To investigate the uncertain Garmin mistakes, take the following steps, and reset the Garmin map.

Garmin is renowned for its precise and up-to-date navigation system. Nevertheless, if any client can not profit from the Garmin app, he does not need to worry. So we have given all the sufferers with tricks to fix the Garmin Map. It is simple for them.


How do we reset a device of Garmin GPS?

The Garmin GPS device reset means changes are made to current settings, or the current settings are erased, and the computer will create a new start. The users are thus advised to reboot the Garmin system hard and softly.

The thrilling fact that the Garmin Map updates are that Garmin GPS can be resolved without a problem quickly. There are also deux ways to reset the Garmin Map so that appropriate results are obtained.

  1. Soft Reset
  2. Hard Reset


Garmin GPS device Soft Reboot

Follow the steps mentioned below to execute the soft reset for Garmin GPS:

  • To begin with, push the device power button and turn the machine on.
  • When the system begins, the power button is pressed.
  • Then the Garmin logo will appear on the screen to indicate the start of the device.
  • If there are intermittent system errors that interrupt the device, then the activation of the Garmin GPS soft reset will disable it. This will allow users to use the device effectively after the soft reset.


Garmin GPS Hard Reset Process

Users will follow the following steps for the Garmin GPS hard reset:

  • At first, even the power cable is disconnected from all other Garmin GPS devices.
  • There’s now a small button on the back of the Garmin GPS.
  • Users are advised to use a point object to press the thin button.
  • Note: Unless the device restarts, do not release the button.
  • After restarting the unit, release the button and wait a few seconds.
  • Now let the unit begin and make ground configurations ready to complete the job.
  • Note: All saved files, passwords, local settings, preferences, and others will be configured after the hard reset.

All these steps have been taken to reset the device of Garmin. Thus, the Garmin GPS device can easily be reset after the above measures have been implemented. Therefore install the Garmin Express application to connect successfully to the account after rebooting the device.…

A Hunter’s Modern Air Rifle Guide

Today’s air rifles are more Iron Man than Red Ryder. Just like the Marvel personality Tony Stark, air rifles have taken advantage of enhanced technology to become incredibly strong and have a complex value that implies company. They have become specialized and expensive in some instances.

Online retailers like TopAirGuns inventory hundreds of brand designs. Choosing one that best serves your purpose begins with understanding the major types of actions or sources of power that are used in modern air rifles.


Multi-Pump Pneumatic 

Most of us graduated from air rifles to multi-pump pneumatic activities after outgrowing our Red Ryder carbines. They stay the next logical energy phase and stay common due to cost. For less than $100, most retail outlets, although some products cost twice that.

An integrated pump— usually component of the front end — charges a compressed air tank. A pencil or engine that pushes a stick to open a valve, releases compressed air into the room and propels the pellet or BB down the barrel. The more you pump the rifle, the more compressed air flows into the reservoir and finally moves the pellet. You can customize the speed and power of the pellet to suit your needs.

Most BBs and.177-caliber pellets fire multi-pump pneumatics at speeds up to 800 fps. Some pellets fire at about 650 fps. For tiny rodents, either is strong enough. This intervention generates a small amount of recoil; it is ideal for young people. But bringing the rifle to full-power status generally requires eight to 10 pumps.


Spring Piston or Gas Piston 

Spring-piston or gas-piston weapons are often called break-barrels because they are pivoted by the barrel just behind the cabinet on a hinge. A big spring or gas piston is compressed by pulling down the barrel. It pressures the air in the gas chamber and pushes the pellet out of the barrel when the piston is unlocked by the shooting system.

Spring and gas piston weapons are accessible in the caliber of.177,.22 and.25 and can be strong enough for groundhogs and raccoons. The speed and level of energy ranges from 900 fps to 30 ft.-lbs With 1.500 fps and 24 ft.-lbs of.25-caliber pellets With pellets of.177 caliber. Due to their energy concentrations, piston weapons were the first to be sold as severe hunting instruments.

Expect to pay $200-$500 for a spring or gas piston weapon of excellence. Usually, these rifles are longer and stronger than multi-pump pneumatics, and cocking the piston requires a lot of power. While they may not be suitable for youthful shots and the bi-directional recoil induced by piston motion may make them precise to shoot, they reach the sweet spot for cost and energy.


Pre-Charged Pneumatic 

An air rifle of.45-caliber? This is made possible by the pre-loaded pneumatic (PCP) intervention. These guns obtain their water from a pre-filled, extremely pressurized source— a mini reservoir typically installed under the barrel or in the buttstock, filling up to 3,000 lbs or more. They can push a lead slug of.45-caliber quickly enough to generate over 500 ft.-lbs. Making some PCP rifles feasible for large games like whitetails and hogs. Versions that can carry coyotes for fire.30-and.35-caliber pellets.

PCP weapons are common in lower calibers for their precision and repetitive intervention. A complete air tank offers pellets of.177-and.22-caliber for 20-30 shots. Some designs feature multi-pellet journals and energy adjusting controls.

The expense here is the big knock. Models cost more than $1,000 in bigger calibers; lower bores cost about half that. You will also need a location to fill your tank like a scuba store, though some manufacturers now give miniature air compressors to fill tanks as the popularity among hunters of PCP air rifles rises.…

Fingerprint Gun Safe – BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

We have become a part of the system where technology has become an important part of our life which has both advantages and disadvantages. Technology has made our work go smoothly like never before. The technology has advanced so well without touching a safe without breaking it.

Technology has also enabled many opportunities which can either be used for good purposes or bad purposes, Those who are using the latest technology to break in standard safe so they can get the possession of your valuable goods and items

In order to protect so good and items from such people, you need a safe which is well equipped with latest features and Technology. Today I am going to introduce to you some of the gun safe to store your product and goods along with smaller guns.

How Fingerprint Gun Safe are Useful:

Have you ever came across gun safe, which is well equipped an integrated for durability, stability, reliable and stronger. Well today I am going to mention and review about 1 biometric or fingerprint gun safe, which not only can be used for storing guns, also for other purposes such as important documents, cash, and other smaller valuables. Before the review, I would like to encourage you with some points which will help you decide whether to go for biometric fingerprint gun safe. Without further waiting let’s begin with reasons behind purchasing biometric or fingerprint gun safe.

  • Fingerprint gun safe especially made for people who don’t want to remember the password, this is a challenge for the manufacturers of the gun safe. Several companies have tried to launch a product which doesn’t require you to remember passwords or combinations, instead of the group of experts have come together to release the new technology of fingerprints gun safe for those who are not capable of don’t want to remember the password. In other words, you do not have to remember your password combinations to unlock and lock the safe.
  • A fingerprint gun safe is well known for this biometric access features. What it does is you have to place your thumb or your dominant finger on the fingerprint scanner and let the gun safe to copy drop fingerprints. And you can use your dominant fingers to lock and unlock the gun safe at any desired time and location.
  • The advantage of having a fingerprint gun safe is that only you are only one is allowed to access the gun safe completely. Now you do not have to worry about an unauthorized individual to access unless you are authorized them officially through settings.

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe:

If you have more than one girl and more than one rifle then you should definitely get one of these because the gun safe has made in a way, where you can Store larger weapons including smaller sidearm or handguns. BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe can also have some extra space which you can use to store additional ammunition.

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Has very good construction and made it from high-quality rich metal to strengthen the internal and external sides. BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe has very good heat resistance power so that even the Fire will be helpless against the BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe.

You can buy this model from your local stores or even online. The recommended websites would be Amazon, the Amazon is selling it for $2,000 which is kind of expensive. But you aren’t getting all of the features at this price so we cannot bargain more.


If you look at the price it is kind of expensive to get one of these, the better suggestion is to check out the stores for better products android and try them out.…

HTC Desire Apps – Counter Strike Portable

Nearly everyone knows it. Millions have played it and are probably still playing it. Counter Strike. Valve’s legendary shooter-game changed the genre. Some legendary games have already been ported to mobile devices: Like GTA III or the classic “Doom”. It was kind of time for someone to publish Counter Strike for Android. XDA-Forummembers FrIuNs and [email protected] accepted the challenge. The result is: Counter Strike Portable. With the Unity3D engine they created an ego-shooter game for Android devices, using Counter Strike 1.6 ressources. That’s what it is: An entirely on their own developed shooter game which uses graphics from Valve’s CS1.6. 

The latest version currently is “6p” (however, if you download it it says CS Portable 6y) and can be found & downloaded at their XDA-Thread (click) for free. Furthermore, there is also a Desktop-Browser version available. This kinda ruined the gameplay at some points for me, because they usually have such big advantages with their mouse & keyboard. Still, there are over 6.000 active players online and waiting to compete with you. It’s great fun, although the controlls are something you have to get used to, if you have played it on the PC before. There is a kind of aiming help, which greatly improves the gameplay and tension.

On the “old” HTC Desire (Bravo) the game runs with about 20 fps and is more or less playable. It even worked with ICS on this Desire. For the other Desire devices, there shouldn’t be a problem. If you experience one, share it in the comments and I will try to contact the developer or post it in the  XDA-Thread (click).

Official Gameplay Video on Samsung Galaxy SII:

Surely, developement hasn’t finished yet, but it’s already very playable and we can be curious about its future.…

HTC Desire News – Official Wikipedia App released

We all have been waiting for it: An official Wikipedia application. Officially released by the Wikimedia Foundation, you’ll be prepared for the next blackout of Wikipedia with it. It works, even though the page is blacked out (you remember the protest?).

Nearly all the Wikipedia applications out there were only so called “WebViews”, which just displayed you the official mobile Wikipedia page. This one is faster, has a share function and an option to save articles for offline viewing. “Instant Search” or “Live Search” (like Google’s) is implemented too and provides you with fast suggestions. However, the design could use some refurbishment, but is O.K. Anyways, it’s for free, so you may want to get it as soon as possible. On the app’s page in the Android Market it’s recommended to share ideas and critic on their Twitterpage @WikimediaMobile. Quite userfriendly, isn’t it?

Share your thoughts about the free official Wikipedia app in the comments! 

HTC Desire News – SOPA, Web’s Freedom is in Danger

Today, I am not in the mood for jokes. This news are neither about the HTC Desires nor about Android. However, it’s a monumental day, not only for the U.S., probably for the whole future of the “Internetz”.
The “Stop Online Piracy Act” has shown up for the first time in 2011 and was handed in by the republican delegate Lamar S. Smith.

SOPA is a threat to the freedom of the web. Supported by the “old media’s” corporate groups (e.g. Hollywood), it’s disguised to protect copyrights, but allows the government to make sensitive restrictions to the Internet. Multiple popular webpages like Wikipedia, Reddit and even have “gone dark” for today in order to raise awareness and to get people involved (According to there are over 7,000 pages “going dark”!). For further information, Wikipedia has summed up everything, including all recent events concerning the legislation. (here, click!)
Even the White House has released a statement against SOPA after 2 petitions with a total of more than 100,000 votes.

Let us be clear—online piracy is a real problem that harms the American economy, and threatens jobs for significant numbers of middle class workers and hurts some of our nation’s most creative and innovative companies and entrepreneurs. It harms everyone from struggling artists to production crews, and from startup social media companies to large movie studios. While we are strongly committed to the vigorous enforcement of intellectual property rights, existing tools are not strong enough to root out the worst online pirates beyond our borders.


Due to the central role in terms of internet-structure, these restrictions can and will also effect countries outside the U.S.

Google released a statement too and calls for action!

(Editor’s note:) Get involved, join the protest! Against censorship and inhibition of innovation! Sign as many petitions as you can. For a free Internet!