HTC Desire Apps – Counter Strike Portable

Nearly everyone knows it. Millions have played it and are probably still playing it. Counter Strike. Valve’s legendary shooter-game changed the genre. Some legendary games have already been ported to mobile devices: Like GTA III or the classic “Doom”. It was kind of time for someone to publish Counter Strike for Android. XDA-Forummembers FrIuNs and [email protected] accepted the challenge. The result is: Counter Strike Portable. With the Unity3D engine they created an ego-shooter game for Android devices, using Counter Strike 1.6 ressources. That’s what it is: An entirely on their own developed shooter game which uses graphics from Valve’s CS1.6. 

The latest version currently is “6p” (however, if you download it it says CS Portable 6y) and can be found & downloaded at their XDA-Thread (click) for free. Furthermore, there is also a Desktop-Browser version available. This kinda ruined the gameplay at some points for me, because they usually have such big advantages with their mouse & keyboard. Still, there are over 6.000 active players online and waiting to compete with you. It’s great fun, although the controlls are something you have to get used to, if you have played it on the PC before. There is a kind of aiming help, which greatly improves the gameplay and tension.

On the “old” HTC Desire (Bravo) the game runs with about 20 fps and is more or less playable. It even worked with ICS on this Desire. For the other Desire devices, there shouldn’t be a problem. If you experience one, share it in the comments and I will try to contact the developer or post it in the  XDA-Thread (click).

Official Gameplay Video on Samsung Galaxy SII:

Surely, developement hasn’t finished yet, but it’s already very playable and we can be curious about its future.…