We all have been waiting for it: An official Wikipedia application. Officially released by the Wikimedia Foundation, you’ll be prepared for the next blackout of Wikipedia with it. It works, even though the page is blacked out (you remember the protest?).

Nearly all the Wikipedia applications out there were only so called “WebViews”, which just displayed you the official mobile Wikipedia page. This one is faster, has a share function and an option to save articles for offline viewing. “Instant Search” or “Live Search” (like Google’s) is implemented too and provides you with fast suggestions. However, the design could use some refurbishment, but is O.K. Anyways, it’s for free, so you may want to get it as soon as possible. On the app’s page in the Android Market it’s recommended to share ideas and critic on their Twitterpage @WikimediaMobile. Quite userfriendly, isn’t it?

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